What is the difference between an asset and a capability?

An asset is the equipment / tool / machine / infrastructure that the owner is ready to share. In some cases the owner is ready to share his asset only, in other cases the owner offers to share his operator or engineering as well. In the latter case we call it a capability.

A capability is the unique combination of all or some of the following features: a sector, a technology, an asset, an operator, an engineering support or know-how, dimensional limitations, quality requirements, a location and an availability allowing to match to a production need. The digital platform is the interface connecting the capacity to the need.

What is the difference between a Shared Asset and a Rented Asset?

A Shared Asset is an asset you own and share with other Renters, while a Rented Asset is an asset that you rent from other Owners. This difference in terminology exists to avoid unclarity for users that are both Owner and Renter. These users might have open rental requests for their own assets as well as open rental requests for other assets. To clarify this difference, we distinguish a Shared Asset from a Rented Asset.

Shared and Rented Capability

A main contractor hires additional companies , subcontractors , to help complete a project.
  • The main contractor rents capabilities from the subcontracter. 
  • The subcontractor shares capabilities to the main contractor.

What about transportation? What about insurance? 

Unburdening services

I.Revitalise is ready to unburden you from support activities needed to realize capacity sharing, upon your request. These support activities typically are both insurance and transportation. For these services we work with specialized companies, and we can offer you case-by-case a tailored-to-the-need support. As soon as a rental request from a renter ends up in an agreement on period and price between owner and renter, the owner has the choice to either foresee transportation or insurance himself, or to ask for i.Revitalise to organize it. In the latter case we take care of it, and find you the best deal to support your asset or capability sharing.


One of the most important unburdening services is insurance. We make sure that you can share your idle assets profitably and worriless in 2 ways:
1. A case-by-case insurance contract:
Cover your risk for damage as an owner, case-by-case
We work with a most reliable insurance company that has a solid and renowned track record in the industry , able to safeguard your financial security respecting legal and regulatory affairs.
2. Limit your risks
In case of a mobile asset: we prefer the local and smaller transportation companies that don’t work with a passage through a large and central hub because this increases the risk for damage during these needless manipulations under time pressure.
Together with you , we identify uncovered risks and assure you are covered both financially as well as operationally. With our network of assets and capabilities we can provide you with back-ups for your continued production / maintenance operations / research operations.

Private sharing platform

Another way of sharing support is that i.Revitalise implements a private sharing platform to accelerate capacity sharing within your company or organization, or to set up a private sharing community with other companies. This typically is interesting if you have multiple sites at different locations, or if you frequently need subcontractors to help you as a main contractor. 


Blacklisting is a feature that appears once an owner has registered his company account. Adding a VAT number to the blacklist allows the i.Revitalise platform to exclude the owner’s assets or capabilities from appearing in the search results of the blacklisted company and therefore the owner will not get into contact with this company. An owner might be interested to exclude a competitor or a company with whom he has had one or more bad experiences with.


If you are the owner of an idle asset then you can also rely on i.Revitalise to find you a new destination for it. A machine, a test equipment or a tooling that you don’t use any more might still be very interesting for another company that is actually at the same time considering to invest in it. I.Revitalise unburdens you: we document the equipment, we advise in price setting, we invest in marketing, we do the sales and finally we pay you once we have found a new destination for it. 

Service Level Agreement

We engage to provide you with a fully functional platform. If you would experience a bug, then please send a mail to help@irevitalise.eu so we can fix the bug free of charge. You will receive a unique ticket number to assure follow-up with immediate assistance.  

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