This is wat you need to know when starting to use the i.Revitalise platfom:
1. After registration you will get acces to the identity, contact details and locations of all the assets and capabilities on the i.Revitalise platform, and you will also be able to select assets and capabilities within a range of your own location.
2. Through your personal dashboard, you will be able to negotiate directly with the other registered companies on i.Revitalise, one-to-one, about period, price and boundary conditions of the cooperation. The dashboard keeps an overview of all arrangements.
3. If you want to rent material or if you want to subcontract work, you will always first get a quotation that you can accept or refuse.
4. I.Revitalise is there to help whenever you get into conflict with another company that is registered on i.Revitalise, just call or mail us.
5. We have got in-house capability engineering , available to help you in your search for a specific asset or capability..

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