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Dye tracing, turbidity analysis, (ground)water monitoring

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Dye tracing, turbidity analysis, hydro(geo)logical analysis, (ground)water monitoring


This service provider combines the development of innovative technology with expertise in hydrogeology to provide targeted solutions to problems related to (ground, surface, distribution, waste) water flows.
They implement tailored in-situ monitoring based on an analysis with high temporal and spatial resolution. The continuous sampling of data such as fluorescence, turbidity, and water temperature provides useful information about your problem to obtain a detailed analysis, scientific diagnosis, and resolution.
The service provider can provide unique technology and expertise for a range of applications related to hydraulic connectivity, flow and groundwater characterization, the vulnerability of water resources, water quality monitoring, and much more.

Examples of projects are:
- Turbidity monitoring of mine water in the quarry of Lhoist.
- Water flow analysis in natural swimming pools in collaboration with UGent.
- Groundwater network analysis for a real estate development project.
- Leak detection in an artificial pond near Paris.
- Rental of the STREAM® fluorometers for large scale dye tracing projects.
- Turbidity monitoring in relation to erosion in collaboration with Université de Gembloux.
- Analysis of the water distribution network for Vivaqua.
- Analysis of a water catchment site for De Watergroep.

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