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Carbide Coating (HVOF)

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This technique is used to repair or add a tough coating on surfaces.


The high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) principle combines hydrogen, the coating (particles with nitrogen) and oxygen at high speed into a mixing chamber. Then a ignition takes place to create shockwaves directed at the surface area to apply a carbide coating. This coating improves wear resistance, repairs damaged areas (sealing, bearings, abrasions and erosions) and can be used preventive to protect surfaces (OEM). This owner has decades of experience in the fields of repairing and manufacturing machine parts.

Technical specifications

  • Coating Thickness : 0.05 – 1.5 mm
  • Hardness : 55 à 72 HRC
  • Porosity : <1 %
  • Bond Strength : > 83 MPa
  • Spray Rate : 1 – 9 kg/h
  • Gas Temperature : 2600 - 3000°C
  • Flame Velocity : 2000 m/s
  • Particle Velocity : 700 m/s