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Surface Roughness Tester

Mitutoyo Operator: Always included

Used to accurately measure surface roughness.


A Detector allows you to measure the primary profile (P), roughness profile (R), waviness profile (W) and more. This device can perform roughness analyses conformal with various international standards (EN ISO, VDA, ANSI, JIS). If the device is rented without operator then an additional training-day will be needed (not included in the price). Prices can vary upon preparation, duration & customization of the test. This company is specialized in friction and wear testing.

Technical specifications

  • Surface : Curved, radial and tilted
  • Languages : 16
  • Storage : 10 different measuring conditions inside the SJ-410, and up to 500 with an optional SD card
  • Options : Auto-set unit, X-axis fine adjustment and digital levelling unit