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Spectrometry & Spectroscopy Analysis

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Spectroscopic; Spectrometric and other Spectral Measurements & Analysis


Execute spectroscopic and spectrometric analysis to investigate materials on a deeper level. We can offer a wide range of techniques, not limited to some examples such as AAS-; AFM-; CT-; EDX-; FTIR(-ATR)-; GC-; HPLC-; HSI-; ICP(-OES)-; LIT-; MS-; NDT-; NMR-; NIR-; RAMAN-; SIMS(-TOF)-; TDM-; TIS-; UV(-VIS)-; WDS-; XPS-; XRD-; XRF-analysis; Etc.
We can help you to determine a very wide variation in applications, going from Determination of Nutritional Values; to Identification of (In)purities; Advance Analytical Trace Analysis; Solubility (LogP); Chemical Composition, or Chemical Stability.