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Laser Processing Facility

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This space can be used for experiments up to implementation in the manufacturing process.


The lasers in this facility can be used in creating a more efficient and precise manufacturing process. Using laser for tasks like joining materials through welding or soldering, structuring surfaces to alter a surface properties, removal of materials by drilling or selective layer removal and even modify the material itself. A variety of materials can be used in these different processes including quartz glass, (refractory) metals, polymer thermoplastics, thermohardners, coatings and ceramics After more than 30 years of expertise in laser technology; process development; production and machine manufacturing, this company has the ability to guide you from setting up experiments to implementation in the manufacturing process.

Technical specifications

  • Wavelengths : UV - IR
  • Continuous laser power range : mW - 20 kW
  • Continuous laser spot size : min 20 µm
  • Pulsed laser pulse range : msec - femto
  • Pulsed laser power range : 0,5 -9 kW
  • Pulsed laser spot size : 50 - 1000 µm
  • Q-switched laser power range : 1 - 100 kW
  • Q-switched laser frequency : 10 - 100 kHz
  • Q-switched laser spot size : 25 µm

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