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Bonding of Materials with Laser

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This process uses a precision laser to join pieces of material together.


A laser acts as a very concentrated heat source allowing high precision welding, soldering and sealing to take place between two or more pieces. A large variety of materials including quartz glass, (refractory) metals, polymer thermoplastics and ceramics can be bonded using this process. These techniques are often used in automated processes for high-volume quantities. Optional lasers used in this process are continuous, pulsed and Q-switched lasers (see product specifications). After more than 30 years of expertise in laser technology; process development; production and machine manufacturing, this company has the ability to guide you from setting up experiments to implementation in the manufacturing process.

Technical specifications

  • Wavelengths : UV - IR
  • Continuous laser power range : mW - 20 kW
  • Continuous laser spot size : min 20 µm
  • Pulsed laser pulse range : msec - femto
  • Pulsed laser power range : 0,5 -9 kW
  • Pulsed laser spot size : 50 - 1000 µm
  • Q-switched laser power range : 1 - 100 kW
  • Q-switched laser frequency : 10 - 100 kHz
  • Q-switched laser spot size : 25 µm