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M-Ray Inline Conformity Measurement for Flat and Non-Metallic Products

Operator: Not included

Inline basis weight (or thickness) scanner


This machine integrates the M-Ray measurement technology for industrial use. It is tailored to perform measurements 24/7 as part of an industrial production line in nonwoven industry, textile industry, coating industry, plastic sheet extrusion, plastic cast film industry, synthetic foam extrusion, glass-fiber based composite industry, wood panels and boards industry, glass and mineral wool production, paper processing industry, etc. The scanner is equipped with 1 M-Ray measuring head and processing unit. Also, interfacing and visualization comes with the scanner.
The sensor head measures the basis-weight, thickness or anomalies in various flat semi-finished products. Thanks to the nature of the M-Ray technology, the measurement standoff can be as high as 40 centimeters. The high standoff is useful for measuring thick materials and avoids scratches and defects on the material. The customer's specifics and complexity is to be taken into account and the customer's people are to be trained.

Technical specifications

  • Intrincic Accuracy : < 2 gsm
  • Technology : M-rays
  • Acquisition Resolution : 400 ps
  • Measuring Rate : 71.3 Hz
  • Typical Measurement Spot Diameter : 20 mm
  • Measuring Gap : 400 mm
  • Frame Scan Range : 700 mm
  • Number of Sensor-Head Pairs : 1
  • Power Inlet : 230 VAC / 50 Hz
  • Power Consumption : < 500 W