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Timken Test

Operator: Default included

Used for evaluating load carrying capacity of extreme pressure lubricants.


A standardized bearing race mounted on a tapered arbor rotating at high speed. The race is brought into contact with a test block under a constant load. The contact area is flooded with the lubricant or grease being tested. Standardized tests include: ASTM D2509 - D2782. Prices can vary upon preparation & customization of the test. This company is specialized in friction and wear testing.

Technical specifications

  • Contact : Line
  • Motion : Sliding
  • Rotation speeds : 800 +/- 5 rpm, 0-3600 rpm
  • Loads : 1.000 kg max
  • Temperatures : 150° C (300° F)
  • Environments : Liquid, semi-liquid


  • ASTM D2509
  • ASTM D2782

Quality labels

  • More than 50 years of experience in the sector