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Pin & Vee Test

Operator: Always included

Used for evaluating wear, friction and extreme pressure properties of materials and lubricants.


By rotating a pin (0.25 inch) against two Vee blocks (0.5 inch) under load. A four line contact is established as load is applied through a mechanical gage by a ratchet wheel and an eccentric arm. EP Properties that can be evaluatd are cutting, forming and rolling liquids, but equally useful for hydraulic fluids, engine oils, cleaning lubricants, solid lubricant coatings,...
Emulsions can be added and tested by recirculation or direct injection in the contact. Standardized tests include: ASTM D2670 – D2625 – D3233 - D5620 and FTM-791-3807.1 - FTM-791-3812.1 - IP 241 .Prices can vary preparation & customization of the test. This company is specialized in friction and wear testing.

Technical specifications

  • Contact : Line (V Block), Area (C Block)
  • Motion : Sliding
  • Rotation speeds : 290 +/- 10 rpm (60-3600 rpm)
  • Loads : 0 to 3000 Lb. Direct load
  • Temperatures : Ambient to 150°C
  • Environments : Liquid, semi-liquid, dry, pressurized test chamber
  • Software : Customized


  • ASTM D2670
  • ASTM D2625
  • ASTM D3233
  • ASTM D5620

Quality labels

  • More than 50 years of experience in the sector
  • FTM-791-3807.1
  • FTM-791-3812.1
  • IP 241