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Friction and Wear Testing Facility

Operator: Always included

A facility used for various friction testing, wear testing and quality control.


Machines in this facility include: a Block On Ring Tester, a Pin & Vee Tester, a Multispecimen Tester, a Miller Number Slurry Abraser, a Four Ball EP Tester, a Four Ball Wear Tester, a Taber Abrasion Tester, a Mitutoye SJ400, a Basalt – S2- Tribometer, a Timken Tester, a Conestoga Vane Pump, a Basalt – N2 Microtribometer, a Plint TE77, a MTM mini traction machine, a Fretting Wear Tester, a Confocal Microscope, a Profilometer and a Microtap TTT-TSE. Besides this equipment there are experts to assist and advice, operators for the machines. All standardized tests are also included. Prices of customized tests can vary upon preparation. This company is specialized in friction and wear testing.


  • ASTM D2714
  • ASTM D2981
  • ASTM D3704
  • ASTM G77
  • ASTM D2625
  • ASTM D3233
  • ASTM D5620
  • ASTM D3702
  • ASTM G99
  • ASTM G75
  • ASTM D2596
  • ASTM D2783
  • ASTM D2266
  • ASTM D4172
  • ASTM D5183
  • ASTM D2509
  • ASTM D2782
  • ASTM D4170

Quality labels

  • More than 50 years of experience in the sector
  • NF E48617 §3
  • IP 300
  • ISO/DIN 12156-2