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Ubbelohde Viscometer Polymers

Operator: Always included

Used to measure viscosity


Even though the ubbelohde viscometer principle is quite old, the technique is still widely used. The digitalized variant the owner uses is able to measure a very wide range of different polymers. First the polymer is dissolved in a solvent which is not harmful to the polymer chains. Then a blank is measured followed by the sample in triplex with every single value within a 0.2% tolerance. When the values of the three measurements are not within 0.2% tolerance a fourth, and if needed a fifth, measurment is conducted. If the five measurements are not within a 0.2% tolerance, all the values are rejected and the measurements are repeated. Average values are reported.

Technical specifications

  • Common used solvents : m-cresol (low IV and or amorphous PET), formic acid (polyamides), dichloroacetic actid (high IV PET). Other solvents on request.