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Capillary Rheometer

Göttfert Operator: Default included

With the Göttfert 2002 capillary rheometer it becomes possible to gather rheological knowledge about a polymer melt


Capillary rheometry is a technique whereby a sample undergoes extrusion through a die of defined dimensions. The shear pressure drop across the die is monitored at set volumetric flow rates and temperature. The induced shear can be high and is comparable to production situations (extrusion for example). The shear is in the range of…. Depending on the die dimensions and the temperature. Many of the owner's dies are are specifically designed to mimic yarn extrusion. When only a small amount of sample is available, the use of the Göttfert is recommended. When more material is available (5 kg), the meltviscosity can be measured on the Haake Polylab line which is a laboratory scale single screw extruder. The Göttfert is equipped with a custom-build inline dryer. The owner knows the importance of a good resin handling and works with moisture free (PET) resin on his rheometer.