Who is in the i.Revitalise community?

The machines, equipment, capabilities and facilities that are on the i.Revitalise platform do not state the identity of the Owner. However, in this article we give you a unique insight in who the Owner-companies are  behind the i.Revitalise platform. 

1. Most of the companies are active in manufacturing, a quarter in R&D and the remaining number in Maintenance. 

2. The biggest part of the companies are active in Metal Working (Milling, Turning, Grinding), followed by a more or less equal distribution between Material Analysis, Energy Technology, Hydraulics, 3D Scanning, Industrial Inspection, Precision Manufacturing and a remaining number of others. 

3. Most of the assets that these companies (or institutions) share, are in the category of Testing and Analysis. Combining this insight with the previous' , you can deduct that the average number of sharing assets are a lot higher for an R&D company or institution than for a Manufacturing or Maintenance Company. The second most assets are in the category of Subtractive Manufacturing and the remaining number are covered by a wide distribution of other categories. 

4. Geographic distribution is currently focused on Belgium and the Netherlands. Companies are located in Antwerp, East Flanders, West Flanders, Limburg, Flemish Brabant and North Brabant.

This gives you a better idea of the Owners that are part of the i.Revitalise community. If you are interested in their machines, equipment, capabilities or facilities available for rent then go to the concerned capacity page https://www.irevitalise.eu/en/capacity , ask for more information through the blue "Request information" button and / or negotiate directly with the Owner on Period and Price through the orange "Request rental" button.