We renewed our cloud platform!

The sharing economy has seen a strong rise among consumers in recent years. Digital platforms such as Airbnb and Uber are now the most common thing in the world. The ease of use and simplicity of the apps on which these sharing platforms are built certainly contributes to their success. The industry also sees the advantage of a sharing economy, although the requirements are a bit higher. For several years now, we have been bringing companies and research institutions together with our sharing platform for high-tech equipment and competencies. We mainly serve the production, maintenance and R&D market segments.

Focus on competencies 
Material and competencies indeed, because that is where the great added value for users lies. In the competences, the aptitude and the ability to solve a problem. After all, companies are increasingly making the transition from 'possession' to 'use'. 

On the one hand, this is driven by technological progress, which means that more and more specialized and different competencies are needed. On the other hand, there is a financial factor. The investments in high-tech equipment and experts to work with it are large and not easy to justify from a business economic perspective. The sharing economy offers an answer to these challenges. Especially in times of crisis and macro-economic uncertainty, companies attach more value to a healthy cash flow. CFOs would rather see a verifiable opex than a capricious capex on the books. 

Proactive matching and peace of mind
Sharing high-tech equipment and competencies in a B2B environment requires a more active approach than sharing commodities in a consumer market.  

Providers and users find each other on the cloud platform, but that does not happen by itself. Our engineers actively approach their market to match supply and demand in order to achieve the right matches. They also look beyond the sharing of equipment and competencies. Through the insight we gain into the specific needs of companies, we offer companies a perspective on long-term collaborations. 

In addition to proactive matchmaking, there are, of course, many practical issues involved in a high-tech sharing platform. Insurance, transport, standards and quality labels, ... Here too we support and relieve the providers and users.  

A transparent subscription plan
Now we make our sharing platform even more accessible and offer an improved user experience. Choosing from the Silver, Gold and Platinum subscription formulas, gives the user the flexibility to carefully taste the sharing economy and grow in it at their own pace, or to go full speed right away. With a free trial subscription, the user can already get acquainted and make an initial transaction. 

As a provider you can easily register and immediately create your own equipment and competencies. You connect to a unique, local, European network of more than 100 companies and generate an additional revenue stream. Moreover, you put your competencies in the spotlight for potential clients and you can realize long-term collaborations. 

As a user you can quickly search and filter by category, brand or quality label. You gain access to high-tech equipment and competencies that enable you to try out new technologies and boost your R&D projects. You avoid large investments and thus reduce your business risks, while still generating more turnover from your production, maintenance and R&D activities.