The i.Revitalise Private Sharing Platform

1. A true and dynamic industrial resource inventory 

With a private sharing platform, companies can inventorize their assets and capabilities over up to 10 different sites , with 10 different users. Instead of having 10 different Excel files, one per site, and instead of having files that don't even contain the expensive assets that have been paid off and no longer exist for accountancy, this is an alternative inventory in the cloud accessible by all parties and with 1 dedicated user per site and 1 platform owner. 

2. Purpose

The purpose of such a non-public sharing platform is twofold. First, it can be used by large companies like multinationals to facilitate sharing between multiple sites. Not only their assets but also capabilities can be inventorized and shared. Second, it can serve for disaster recovery by increasing supply chain reliability. Indeed, the sharing platform can also serve to create a network of back-up machines / equipment / capabilities in case the main one faces an unforeseen showstopper such as a difficult-to-recover-from production breakdown / equipment failure due to an obsolete part / operator severe illness / no spare part available because of a flaw in the maintenance contract / ...

3. Functionalities

Functionalities have been tailored to the needs of high-tech industries. Additionally a large share of platform revenues are reinvested in platform functionalities enlargement. 

Current functionalities include setting up a private group by the owner, with automatic messaging and asset creation. Communication channels can be prepared with dedicated users so you don't have to go find the right person when you are in urgent need and all sharing communication is traceable through a sharing dashboard:


Since a quality label is important in a high-tech environment when it concerns more than the asset only but rather a capability, this parameter is a key filter integrated in the capability specifications:

This way you can define your capability with a specific ISO or other label, as well as easily find a specific ISO or other label. 

And last but not least an order confirmation with the arrangements on period and price between owner and renter is automatically set up. An important feature , especially in disaster recovery conditions.