Tackle Down-Time in the Processing Industry with Thermal Spray Coatings

If you are in some kind of a processing industry or have similar activities in food and beverages, shipping, pharma, chemistry or energy and each minute of production or processing down-time costs you a fortune, then you have an intrest in reading this article. 

In processing industry , liquids or solid state bulk are transported from one place to another through piping with valves or pumps in between. At these intermediate points, the flowing matter attacks the coating on the surface of the valves or pumps. Sooner or later you will have a downtime because your valve or pump will become unserviceable in any way following the months or years of attack. 

Thermal spray is about durability. Durability is attained by protecting the base material, in charge of guiding , redirecting, the flowing matter. Whenever the base material looses its optimal shape , you start becoming less productive and it might even create a production breakdown. 

What is the most easy but less interesting option?

Wait for the part to loose its shape and for the productivity loss or production breakdown becomes apparent, and replace the deficient valve or pump. However, if your productivity is highly important and / or a production breakdown costs you a fortune then you might want to act preventively. The Original Equipment Design might not be optimal for your production process. In the minds of the Original Equipment Manufacturer it might have a great life time, but your use and your stakes might deviate from those of the ones taken into account designing the part. 

How can thermal spray improve durability? 

With thermal spray you can increase the durability of your part and this way increasing life time of the part. By improving or even adding a protective coating you will better protect the base material against the flowing matter attacks. Increasing the durability means decreasing the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure), therefore increasing productivity and decreasing downtime.