Surface Treatment and Materials Science Trade Exposition

Trade Exposition

On 15 and 16 May we have a stand at Eurofinish and Materials 2019. All information can be found here

Our platform as a way to do cross-sectorial business development

What are we displaying, why are we participating? Because of our belief in surface treatment as a sector with a circular future. The more products are begin re-used , the more they need a new painting , an anti-wear or an anti-corrosion treatment. These kind of equipment and capabilities is exactly what are platform is useful for. Visitors and colleagues-exposing companies of the exposition can learn about the i.Revitalise platform, and add their equipment and capabilities to it. Through our platform, they get access to growth markets like aeronautics. 

Entrance to the booming aeronautical market

An example of how i.Revitalise attracts the attention of the growth markets is our stand at the Le Bourget trade exposition from 17 to 20 June 2019. It is the biggest trade show in Europe on aeronautics and held every 2 years in Paris. Leading companies like Airbus , Boeing, Safran and GE are very present and hold conferences. The latest aircraft are being displayed and even demonstrated in a way of a continuous airshow. During 4 full days it is strictly limited to business people and evidently this attracts all of the world's decision takers , experts and leaders in the aeronautical industry. The purpose of our stand is to display our platform and the equipment and capabilities of our members, allowing SMEs focusing on their operations to be represented on this kind of trade show without losing productivity.