Start-2-Share sharing platform for business parks launched

Flanders is already familiar with private sharing platforms such as Uber(Eat), Airbnb, Deliveroo, Peerby ... and has embraced the use of these platforms. For the B2B sector, companies are still hungry today while there are many opportunities to stimulate sharing by and for companies.

With the support of Flanders Circular, Quares Parkmanagement and I.Revitalise are working together on a new sharing platform that hopes to convince companies to share space, equipment and even staff. The launch takes place today with a focus on business parks where Quares is already Parkmanager in the provinces of Antwerp and Limburg. Yesterday was the official launch in which several established companies participated in a webinar. Our needs analysis shows that 50% of the companies are willing to share, the goal is now to also convince companies with a fear of thresholds.

"The sharing-economy offers many opportunities for companies"

The opportunities for the sharing-economy take place on three themes: extra turnover and cost savings, sustainable and circular transition that saves CO² and facilitating cooperation and connection between companies. A company that shares its space achieves extra turnover, the company that rents saves in the fact that it does not have to make an extra investment for peaks or temporary needs, thus saving costs. "The aim is to lower the total cost for everyone in the chain, both partners and users, and thus eliminate further barriers," says Stefan Verreyken, CEO of I.Revitalise. Sharing is also ecological because spaces and equipment are used better, so no new space or additional equipment has to be purchased, thus saving CO². The last goal we want to achieve with this is for companies to get to know each other better. This will hopefully lead to new collaborations and who knows, new innovations!

The sharing platform starts at the business parks Luithagen, Mechelen North + South, Parkmanagement West-Limburg and Houthalen-Helchteren.

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