Sanyo MDF-U730M biomedical freezer sold to Falex Corporation

Falex Corporation, based near Chicago, is the market leader in the development and production of standard tribology and petroleum testing equipment. In June 1999, Falex Corporation and the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Science at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven jointly established a European tribology laboratory in Leuven. 

This department already has a long experience in tribological research. The Surface Engineering Group has built up experience in the material aspects of dry friction and wear. Especially the behavior of surface coatings and tribo-chemistry are studied. 

The Falex Tribology laboratory was established to consolidate Falex Corporation's marketing and service efforts in Europe and to increase the value of their equipment through research projects. The laboratory's nearby location ensures that KUL's Metallurgical and Materials Science Department has easy access to a wide range of test equipment. 

To expand the range, they were looking for a biomedical freezer, which they found and purchased from a provider on the i.Revitalise sharing platform. This is a Sanyo MDF-U730M biomedical freezer that is used to freeze samples. The freezer has a high and low temperature alarm, power failure alarm, door alarm, compressor temperature alarm, key lock and thermal sensor deviations to ensure the temperature of the samples inside. 

"We are going to use this professional freezer to perform low temperature tribological tests in it and to evaluate if the testing machines still work at this low temperature. The goal is to offer new low-temperature testing methods, for which there is currently interest in the industry. The cooperation with i.Revitalise went very smoothly, they guided us in this purchase and followed up everything from A to Z.", concludes Dirk Drees, CEO of Falex Tribology.