SALKturbo, Limburg sharing platform for industry

Limburg's economy has recovered handsomely after the closure of Ford Genk in late 2014. This is partly thanks to SALK, the 'strategic action plan Limburg in the Square'.

Meanwhile, Limburg is facing new challenges and therefore the provincial government and POM Limburg, the provincial economic development organization, with strong substantive support from UHasselt, took the initiative for SALKturbo. The goal is to develop a new, future-oriented action plan to sustainably strengthen and accelerate the Limburg economy.

One of the SALKturbo ambitions is the creation of a Limburg industry sharing platform. After all, too much production capacity in the manufacturing industry that is so important for Limburg is at a standstill because of market developments, equipment that is not used, operators who are temporarily unemployed, machines that are written off and are no longer used... At the same time, it is difficult to invest in expensive machines and equipment and to develop the necessary know-how to make a new product. Finding one's way to each other is difficult in the forest of marketing that stands between companies. The gap to be closed is that between ambitious Limburg start-ups and the existing Limburg technological industrial fabric with a wealth of equipment and competencies. If expanded, the Limburg sharing platform can serve as an example for other regions, and Limburg companies can valorize their equipment and competencies to start-ups far beyond the Limburg borders.

The aim is to share infrastructure with various actors, so that real work situations can be 'imitated' as much as possible. On the one hand, this makes it possible to purchase expensive up-to-date equipment. Sharing the infrastructure also has the advantage that training can be provided for employees.

As lead partner, i.Revitalise offers its knowledge, relations and experience to make this Limburg sharing platform a success. We do this together with VOKA Limburg, Sirris, VKW Limburg, Vlegel Technology and Thor Park (Genk).

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