Partnership with Tetravision on 3D Measurement Sharing Community Development

Tetravision as a 3D Metrology reference 

Tetravision is founded by 2 passionate 3D Metrology experts, able to drive your innovation and improve your processes. Their service is composed of 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering and Quality Inspection. The founders Jurgen Van Donink and François Justin both have many years of expertise and are available to think along with you and define a good approach for your project. They can help you out with R&R studies, optimizing your inspection program or getting the most out of your freshly installed equipment by automating certain tasks.

Member and partner

Tetravision chose for the early adopter package called “Membership for early adopters”. Signing in and becoming a member allows them as an Owner to share their GOM ATOS Structured Light Scanner without having to pay a commission upon matchmaking, for a whole calendar year (see , part “Membership for early adopters”). But Tetravision is not just a member. They will also partner with i.Revitalise to develop the sharing community in 3D Metrology assets and capacities. Just like i.Revitalise , Tetravision believes that the sharing economy contributes to a bright future for high-tech companies and the faster it develops, the better for all high-tech actors.

Partnership Content 

If you wonder what Tetravision will exactly do to help developing the 3D Metrology sharing community, then think about their expertise. They know better than anyone at i.Revitalise what different equipment types and what different technologies are available in 3D Metrology. So their knowledge is very useful to structure the offer of i.Revitalise members, improving the search success rate for renters. Also, they know which companies could own the different types of equipment that can be very useful to the online sharing community.