Matchmaking Case in Metal Working

Context of the rental request

The rental request in this case comes from a start-up company led by an ambitiuous young industrial engineer. He is active in machine construction, working on a new prototype. To do so, he needs to mill an Aluminum part with a few threads:

The counterpart - member of i.Revitalise 

Through the i.Revitalise platform the start-up company has been matched with an experienced company in prototype milling. The latter company is specialized in high-precision milling and design for manufacturability. Prototype parts is in the core of their business, and they have a generation-to-generation know-how. The start-up was happy because it expected to pay more than 200€ which through i.Revitalise was only 151.25€ incl. VAT. , and also the owner is happy because he gets into contact with a start-up company with potentially many more work for him. 

How the match is made

The selection of the owner was done through 3 filters: 1. Technology 2. Type of work and 3. Distance. 

First the technology to be filtered on in this case is conventional milling , which practically is done by selecting the appropriate category on the left hand side in the "Capacity" page on the platform:

This still leaves a lot of possibilities open (45 after selection), but by screening through the refined offer you will be able to exclude further more on the "Model Name" under each picture. 

The second filter for the type of work in this case is prototyping work so many milling companies will not be interested in what for them is too small to even start working on, if they are organized to handle medium to large production series. By clicking on the picture you can go to the detail page of what might match with your need and you can find more information about the owner's company, quality level and know-how, if you are looking for more than a machine only like in this case. Another possibility would have been to try searching with a key-word like "prototype":

And the third filter "distance" is important as well, because as a start-up (and for many other companies in manufacturing) you will want to avoid ending up working with a company at the other end of the world. In this case the two companies are located within 100km from each other. This filter is accessible for renters after registration of your own location : . 

This case illustrates the complexity of such a search in the classical "one-to-one" way, and the easiness of that same search through the i.Revitalise platform. 


I.Revitalise also unburdens beyond the matchmaking only. Price offering and period negotiation is done through the platform, and is automatically confirmed in a Purchase Order for both parties as soon as they both confirm. Orders are automatically set up for both parties, and rules for cooperation as expained in the i.Revitalise terms and conditions safeguard a professional cooperation where both parties end up satisfied even in case of cancellations / unpredictable events.