LCV rents high tech PMI testing device from AMW Industry through i.Revitalise: “Smooth match-making with a premium service!”

Equipment matchmaking between LCV and AMW Industry

One customer we put in the spotlight here is LCV (Laser Cladding Venture). The spin-off of the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) - as is name suggests - is specialized in laser cladding and laser metal deposition services. Laser cladding is an additive manufacturing process that directs a stream of metal powder to a heated spot on the surface of another metallic material. This technique is mainly used for the manufacturing, repair or coating of metal parts. 

For research purposes, LCV had cladded samples on the surface of an axle, all varying in coating parameters. Afterwards, LCV specialists research the corrosion resistance of these coating samples. Since corrosion tests are expensive, they decided to first analyze the chemical composition of the coatings before proceeding with the corrosion tests. It only makes sense to do the corrosion testing when the chemical composition of the coating samples meets the requirements. 

To perform the chemical analysis, LCV decided to rent a PMI tester (Positive Material Identification). With such a device, you can easily measure the chemical composition of the coatings. In search of a suitable PMI testing device, LCV Process Engineer Stef Ceyssens turned to the high tech sharing platform of i.Revitalise. Stefan Verreyken, CEO i.Revitalise, explained that after screening its customer base and business network, i.Revitalise found a suitable PMI testing device. Metalworking company AMW Industry, located in Antwerp, made the measuring device available for rent on the platform. 

Renting a high tech PMI testing device 

Stef Ceyssens was impressed with the fluent matchmaking and qualitative service: “I called i.Revitalise on Monday and already two days later we received the PMI tester! It is an effective alternative for buying the extremely expensive measurement device. Purchasing the PMI tester would not make sense for us from an ROI point of view. Instead, the i.Revitalise sharing platform allows us to rent high tech equipment for sporadic use.” 

The PMI testing device of AMW Industry helped LCV decide whether to keep the existing coating or clad a new coating layer. You can also see the test in a video on the i.Revitalise Youtube channel.

Based on the chemical composition of the coating layer, LCV concluded that the existing layer was sufficiently corrosion resistant. 

  Ceyssens did not personally operate the PMI testing device on the coated axle. AMW Industry brought in its own operator. “The PMI tester is an expensive device that we do not know into sufficient detail in order to professionally operate. The device immediately displayed the chemical composition of the different coating samples, which were all within specifications. The measurement results enabled us to proceed with the corrosion testing. By first analyzing the chemical composition of the coatings, we could avoid unnecessary and expensive corrosion tests in case that the chemical analysis would have turned out negative. Furthermore, renting the testing device through i.Revitalise unburdened us from organizing shipment and insurance ourselves. A few mouse clicks were sufficient to confirm the renting arrangement.” 

  i.Revitalise maximizes the use of high tech equipment 

  “There is so much high tech equipment in use in the industry,” says Stefan Verreyken, CEO i.Revitalise. “For many different companies, the sharing platform of i.Revitalise avoids having to purchase expensive equipment that would be idle most of the time. Renting enables large established companies as well as young startups to affordably use equipment or try out innovate technologies from time to time. And equipment owners facing excess capacity can share equipment on the platform and add a new income stream. It is a great service that removes the hassle of transport and insurance and comes with or without an experienced operator. Renting and sharing is for every business, so start now on”