Job Posting "Define and document high-tech sharing capacities"

Job Description

I.Revitalise has launched version 2.0 of its sharing platform in June 2018. The challenge is to upload as many assets as possible as soon as possible. Up to today we have documented around 100 assets, even though we actually already have 400 assets available for rent. The difference is 300 assets that need to be documented meaning looking up a relevant picture on Shutterstock, and looking up technical specifications on the internet or on the customer's website. Also, other boundary condition information might be missing such as whether or not the rental machine can be hired without an operator (sometimes the customer only wants his own operator to operate his machine). Additionally, each day new assets add up to the to be documented list of assets, and we want to grow towards 2000 assets as soon as possible. This goal can and will be reached through a team cooperation with 2 other i.Revitalise employees as well as sales agents who identify and contact new customers (sales) and with the platform developers to further improve platform functionalities.


To find a relevant picture on Shutterstock and to be able to correctly define and look-up technical specifications, a technical knowledge is necessary. This can only be done by someone who understands the technology behind the machine, or at least can quickly understand the technology behind the machine (such as electrical discharge machining).  Therefore we are looking for a bachelor or master (student) electromechanical (industrial) engineer who wants to earn some extra money as well as gain important and relevant experience in his or her spare time. 


We offer 12€ / hr, a desk and a computer as well as access to the platform at accountancy company Agiver in Deurne, a personal coaching , an open-minded working environment , a cup of coffee during working hours or an informal beer together after working hours. The student will get unique insight into the business plan of i.Revitalise. Thanks to this insight and to the close cooperation with and coaching by the CEO of i.Revitalise NV on the one hand and to learn about many different companies in many different industrial areas on the other hand, the student will significantly increase his or her success rate to find an interesting job as a future engineer. I.Revitalise is a young, ambitieus and talented company growing fast thanks to the combination of an experienced CEO with technical and management experience in military and civil aviation as well as business angels with entrepreneurial experience in industry and IT.