i.Revitalise - The Airbnb of industrial B2B sharing

High-tech production, maintenance & R&D 

The sharing economy is not a new concept. Car sharing services and Airbnb are two success stories. Relatively new however, is sharing in the B2B context. i.Revitalise created a central cloudplatform for sharing high-tech machines for production and R&D as well as maintenance, repair and overhaul. The platform simultaneously serves as a marketplace and networking forum by connecting several high-tech and specialized companies. And then it is just a small step to share their assets and knowledge.  

Asset sharing in response to the innovation race 

As new technologies are developing faster than ever, many companies struggle to keep up. It is impossible for companies to continuously invest in new equipment featuring the latest technology innovations. The i.Revitalise platform enables companies to rent assets of choice in order to try out new technologies before making investments. The platform offers a broad spectrum of specialized equipment, which often come with an experienced operator or engineer who has the skills and experience. 

Yes we can! - Together we are stronger 

Participating organizations also rent assets to better align their production operations with varying market demand. When a party faces underutilized capacity, it shares a number of its assets by listing them on the i.Revitalise platform. That may trigger other platform members with undercapacity to rent the equipment in order to turn out their goods on time. It is a win-win for all parties involved. High-tech companies with excess capacity use i.Revitalise to share their assets and generate an extra revenue stream. And renters value the straightforward and affordable approach to acquiring high-tech equipment when they need it. 

Time to benefit from the B2B sharing economy 

On top of facilitating a wonderful platform, i.Revitalise unburdens its clients from all support activities related to capacity sharing. By arranging insurance, calibration, transportation and tracking, i.Revitalise ensures quick and flexible B2B matchmaking. 

So, there are no more hurdles that prevent you from embracing the growing B2B sharing economy. The time is right to share your idle equipment and earn extra money. And go rent those machines and expertise you need to deal with undercapacity and try out the coolest new technology innovations. Renting and sharing are just a click away on iRevitalise.eu