i.Revitalise meets the COO of Poppy

On April 24, 2018, i.Revitalise met the COO of Poppy to benchmark its strategy.

It was at a new BMW dealer where a leasing company director got into a debate with a BMW dealer director and with the COO of Poppy about the mobility of the future. The leasing company and the BMW dealer represented the classical business, whereas Poppy represented the new business.

Classical business and new business

Classical business on this subject of mobility is where everybody owns his own car and drives his own car. As a consequence there are way too many cars on the street, and cars are on the road during a very limited timeframe based on this one person's needs. Many cars are parked for many hours a day, especially in cities. In the new business on the contrary, cars' utilization is optimized, multiple people use 1 same car, there are much fewer cars to fulfill the needs of the same amount of people, cars are on the road practically all the time and therefore much fewer cars are parked along the way.

Electrical cars

The new business of Poppy is one of electrical cars in cities. Electrical cars have no pollution and therefore help improve the city's air quality. Also, in a city there are a lot of people in need of transportation in a small area. And finally, electrical cars need to be recharged once in a while and in a city there's more access to recharging stations, even if Antwerp still seems to be way behind Amsterdam in the number of recharging stations.

The main difference between Poppy and i.Revitalise

The business concept of Poppy is one of asset sharing just like i.Revitalise. Poppy shares cars, i.Revitalise shares high-tech equipment. However there's one main difference between the two concepts. Poppy leases its electrical cars and therefore has its hand on the supplier side, whereas i.Revitalise depends on the industrial companies and R&D institutions to feed the supplier side.