i.Revitalise 2.0 is online!

I.Revitalise 2.0 is totally different from the 1.0 for three reasons: 1. It has been developed with another software technology 2. It allows users to interact with each other 3. It is more attractive and easy to use. Let's go into detail of each one of these three differences.

  1. Software technology: the i.Revitalise 1.0 was based on Heroku, PaaS or Platform as a Service. It had all the potential to become the main software technology for i.Revitalise however it might even had too much potential. With the 2.0 we have switched to Symfony, PHP-based, which is easier to use and allows a faster development for i.Revitalise.  
  2. User interaction: one of the main features of a digital platform is to allow users to interact. A platform is a 2-sided business model and wants to create added value by facilitating users to interact with each other. I.Revitalise 1.0 only allowed interaction between the users and i.Revitalise while the 2.0 now allows users to interact directly with each other through the feature called "Rental Request".
  3. Attractiveness: just go and have a look on https://www.irevitalise.eu and find it out for yourself. It looks much better, and immediately puts forward the right information first. It will also better guide the user through the platform both for search features as well as for information purpose.

So far for the 2.0! Of course we won't stop developing, and we will continue adding features. However we will certainly wait for the users' first feedback on the 2.0 to be sure we further develop the platform in a way that makes sense and adds value to the i.Revitalise network.