Evaluation of the i.Revitalise participation to Le Bourget

Our participation to Le Bourget was extremely interesting and valuable. Some of the specific realizations of the past week are explained below. 

New contacts

20 most valuable senior management and C-level contacts of leading aerospace companies who expressed their interest in the i.Revitalise offering. 

A Local Aerospace-Only Private Sharing Platform In Progress

The idea of a Private Sharing Platform for local (in and around Belgium) aerospace companies was born within the Flag (Flemish Aerospace Group) working groups. 2 first leading and local aerospace companies have already expressed their interest in this before Le Bourget, for testing equipment. During Le Bourget, 3 additional ones have expressed their will to participate, also for testing equipment as well as for tooling. During the coming weeks, i.Revitalise will coordinate to define the exact equipment and tooling to be shared, the suitable points of contacts will be identified and commercial-operational arrangements will be made. 

Matchmaking during Le Bourget

Even if it is not linked with our participation to Le Bourget, we also kept our operations ongoing. We worked on 3 new matchmakings: a Laser Cutting one, a 3D Printing one and a Testing Campaign one. 


Interesting and compatible aerospace companies have been identified for i.Revitalise members like Microstrain, CZL Tilburg, Agfa-Labs and Spica. Some of the introductions have already been done, others will be part of the follow-up actions of the i.Revitalise participation to Le Bourget. 

Business Insight and Partnership

Valuable feedback from our visitors has also been given , related to the business potential for i.Revitalise in the aerospace industry. We have also identified 1 very interesting potential partner with whom we could create a synergy between our value propositions. We already agreed upon a first common case that will be realized asap.