Agfa-Labs fully engages in high tech sharing platform of i.Revitalise

Promoting a high tech B2B sharing economy 

With technology evolutions occurring faster than ever, organizations take on a creative and innovative strategy to retain their competitive edge. Agfa-Labs actively promotes a sharing economy using the B2B high tech platform of i.Revitalise. Agfa-Labs has uploaded tens of its high tech material analysis equipment on the sharing platform, including its specialist operators. 

In general, a company renting such a system with an operator affordably acquires capabilities beyond their own skills, equipment and capacity. Agfa-Labs sees the growing platform of i.Revitalise as a digital networking environment where it also intends to act as a renter. Organizations can unlock massive ‘hidden value’ by collaborating more intensely with each other. Renting high tech equipment is an effective approach to extend production capacity and explore promising new technologies before committing investment budgets. And sharing assets is an elegant way to meet new faces and organizations, and generate extra revenue along the way. 


Specialist material analysis executed by Agfa-Labs

“Open Innovation” is the credo of Agfa-Labs to break out of its traditional markets,” says Frank Ruttens, Key Account Manager for Agfa-Labs. Beside varied printing-related innovations, we pursue the delivery of specialist services across markets. Our activities initially covered material analysis applied in coating applications. But soon we extended our reach to industrial manufacturing, life sciences, transportation, insurance market, laminate flooring, waste processing, etc.”

“Candidate renters find an impressive number of material analysis systems of Agfa-Labs on our i.Revitalise sharing platform,” indicates Stefan Verreyken, i.Revitalise CEO. “Over the past years, Agfa-Labs has continued to invest in such equipment for research purposes. Renters on i.Revitalise can benefit from these state-of-the-art systems with specialist operators to strengthen their R&D and engineering capabilities. The service may be the missing piece in building their next successful product or service.”