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Mature technology

The great advantage of 3D printing in healthcare lies in its ability to produce highly complex structures. Spinal fusion cages are a good example of this. These are small implants that are used to connect vertebrae. Because it is important that they are able to fuse well with the living bone structure, they must have a certain porosity. The production of such structures with cavities requires in a classical process milling work of high precision and ditto costs. Thanks to 3D printing technology this can be produced much easier and cheaper. Not only by shape, but also by composition, 3D printing can handle greater complexity. 

Customization vs. standard production

Certain types of orthopaedic and spinal implants are produced in bulk, although in different sizes, but not 'made to measure'. Customization does exist in health care, but it is not the norm. Yet not for these types of applications: implants, prostheses, orthoses, braces, ... The reasons are not difficult to understand. Standard production is cheaper and the quality is easier to guarantee. In 'Dental' and 'Hearing' things are different. Those applications are fully digitized in a process of 3D scanning - 3D printing. Customization is the norm, because the anatomy is very patient-dependent and the required precision is very high. Which technology can we help you with? 

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Full cost overview

3D printing has numerous advantages over classic production techniques. Not least the ability to produce complex and monolithic structures in a simple way. The 3D printing production process is easy to digitize, which further reduces production costs. But keep the full picture in mind. Also 3D printed parts require finishing and quality control. Because they often involve more complex structures, these edge processes require more specialized equipment. You can also find these capacities on our sharing platform. 

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