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I.Revitalise is the first B2B capacity sharing platform focused on high-tech and high-value assets and capabilities in the industry. It is focused on three markets: 1. Manufacturing, 2. Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul and 3. Research and Development.

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How does it work?

Make your choice between owner or subcontractor and renter or main contractor. “OWNER” if you own idle assets or if you have underutilized capabilities, “RENTER” if you are looking for an asset that you want to rent or if you are looking for a new subcontractor.

Renter / Main Contractor

Discover the advantages as a renter or a main contractor:

Try out new technologies and learn for your R&D projects

Reduce your risks compared with purchasing, and reduce your training costs

Produce, maintain or research and develop more within your budget

How to easily rent an asset or find a capability in 6 steps:


1. Search on platform

As a renter or a main contractor you can search for assets or capabilities, free of charge . You can filter on category, brand and quality label.


2. Register

After registration you get full access to our i.Revitalise portal where you can manage your rentals and / or subcontractings.


3. Ask for info

You can ask everything you need about the asset or capability through the info request on an asset / capability detail page.


4. Negotiate

The owner / subcontractor receives your request and either confirms availability and price, or will do a counterproposal.


5. Order

Once you have an agreement with the owner / subcontractor on the period and the price of the rental / subcontracting, you can book the asset or capability.


6. Receive a contract

The final period and price will be automatically registered in a contract, sent out to both you and the owner / subcontractor.

Owner / Subcontractor

Discover the advantages as an owner / subcontractor:

Generate an extra revenue stream by joining a unique, local European network of nearly 100 companies sharing their assets and capabilities.

No cure no pay, free listing of your assets and capabilities until you generate your first revenues upon your first matchmaking deal.

i.Revitalise gets you the best insurance offer to cover for your risks and provides other services.

How to easily get interested renters or main contractors in 6 steps:


1. Register

Register an account for your company with your company’s VAT number, your location(s) and some other information. You can also create a blacklist.


2. Get our visit

I.Revitalise validates and activates your account. I.Revitalise generally asks for a company visit to complete your registration.


3. Offer capacity

Create your sharing assets / capabilities yourself, or ask i.Revitalise to do it for you, free of charge. I.Revitalise validates and activates your capacity offering.


4. Receive requests

Upon a booking request you can start negotiating on the period. You have the possibility to increase your price if the requested period is difficult for you.


5. Receive a contract

Upon approval, a contract is set up by i.Revitalise stating all conditions of the agreement and including the identity of both parties.


6. Generate revenue

You can start earning extra money, sharing your asset or capability. I.Revitalise unburdens you, and you are getting paid upon completion.