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Type of assets and capabilities

i.Revitalise, a startup backed by "Start it @KBC", is the first B2B capacity sharing platform focused on high-tech and high-value assets and capabilities in the industry. It is focused on three markets: 1. Manufacturing, 2. Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul and 3. Research and Development.

How does it work?

Find the right solution for your business. Look for the high-tech machine or service that increases your productivity and/or offer your own capabilities and generate an additional revenue stream.

Discover the advantages as a renter:

Try out new technologies and learn for your R&D projects

Reduce your risks compared with purchasing, and reduce your training costs

Produce, maintain or research and develop more within your budget

How to easily rent an asset or find a capability in 6 steps:


1. Register

Choose the subscription that suits you and activate your account.


2. Search platform

Once registered, you will have access to the entire portal and you will be able to search unlimitedly for equipment or competencies.


3. Ask for info

You can ask everything you need about the asset or capability through the info request on the detail page.


4. Negotiate

The owner receives your request and either confirms availability and price, or will do a counterproposal.


5. Order

Once you have an agreement with the owner on the period and the price of the rental, you can book the asset or capability.


6. Receive a contract

The final period and price will be automatically registered in a contract, sent out to both you and the owner.

Discover the advantages as an owner:

Generate an extra revenue stream by joining a unique, local European network of more than 100 companies.

More and more companies want to try out new technologies before buying in order to avoid cash flow problems.

Peace of mind. We will proactively align supply and demand and ensure a relationship of trust between renter and owner.

How to easily get interested renters in 6 steps:


1. Register

Choose the subscription that suits you and activate your account.


2. Validation

In order to guarantee quality within our network, your account will be checked first. This is done at both the owners and the renters.


3. Offer capacity

Create your sharing assets / capabilities yourself, or ask i.Revitalise to do it for you. I.Revitalise validates and activates your capacity offering.


4. Receive requests

With a booking request, you can start negotiations about the period and the price. This is determined by you, in consultation with the renter.


5. Receive a contract

Upon approval, a contract is automatically set up stating all conditions of the agreement and including the identity of both parties.


6. Generate revenue

Sharing your equipment or competencies will generate additional revenue. The payment will be agreed between you and the renter.